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thunder wood

Nice start to the week

If you are going to any rock shows tomorrow night you might consider visiting the Merch Booth at the show before you get to your seat. Let’s just call it a hunch that you might be interested, because we know that if you don’t, you are going to send us an email the day after […]


November Shipping etc

Hi. All of our pending orders, including all International orders have shipped! Just an FYI for the curious. We always send out a note to you when your order is shipped, and we appreciate your patience in all things. Hang in there, baby. gb.c

TRAFFIC MORNING!!!!! of course

Of course this is the morning that there is a traffic accident in the rain. Sorry we couldn’t in to our database central core facility to start our sale on time. Apologies. What did we say about Mother Nature in our Mailing List note? Well we apologize to her, too. gb.c