foo tulsa orange

upcoming show prints 2017 -2018

Just a note for folks who might be interested in keeping their earballs open regarding upcoming show prints.

We are working on “New Things” for the likes of Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age,  and also the fellow Robert Plant, among other items large and small.

Second in our batch of new things is for Foo Fighters, from Earth. A cool and interesting set of prints for an upcoming show! There will be images here shortly as soon as the Foo Fighters (from Earth) announce it themselves. Stay tuned!

The Foo Fighters played in Tulsa, OK, at the BOK Arena. Our Wide Open Spaced out theme features a BOK’n Bronc straight from the Outer Limits. Our print features a matte finish of dusty bowl blue or orange and a center figure popping out in Cosmic Gloss! Check them out, turn them this way and that and maybe wear sunglasses. Enjoy. There were TWO versions available at the show, Blue and Orange and in our SHOPP there is also a SET of one of each in matched numbers as long as they are available. Enjoy the show! Foil versions are in very limited supply. Just a few each.

First up was St. Louis and Queens of the Stone Age. You know, of course that we ‘grew up’ in St. Louis out in unincorporated St. Louis County, what we called Manchester at the time. Fox Creek Estates. Parkway West Senior, if you must know. South Junior. Pierremont. Etc. Here is the print (there is a Foil Variant, also, by request of the group). Only 50 in this edition and all of these will have a touch of added pencil for flavor to show you got it from us.

At any rate, we don’t believe we have done much of anything in the way of a proper GigPoster for a St. Louis gig since the days when we started our career of flyers for Cicero’s Basement way back in the day. SO, hello, St. Louis, and if you are going to the QOTSA show this week, check out the merch booth for a print! We first met Josh Homme there in STL at The Other World when he was a part of his quartet Kyuss. We partied all night, I have to say. Everyone was very nice. Years later, John Garcia asked if he was an a-hole back in the day and we assured him he was perfectly fine.  It was awesome. One of many many many many awesome nights we had in St. Louis with all of our favorite rock groups like Tool and The Replacements, Flaming Lips more than a lot. With Faith No More. We partied ALLL night on one of Mike Patton’s first dates on his first FNM tour even going with them to a nearby bar where the local cover band was covering We Care A Lot as we walked in the door. The real thing took the stage, switching instruments and morphed the tune into Milli Vanilli’s Bady Don’t Forget My Number. It was funny as hell. We were there in the earlier days with Chuck, too, mofos. We had several very cool experiences with Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction. Thelonious Monster. Plexi. Buck Pets too many times to count (probably 5, maybe 8). Supersuckers. Drivin’ n Cryin. Luna. Ben Vaughn. Something Happens. Big Chief many times and still not enough times. Thousands more. Flop. Meices and Love Battery. Sons of Elvis. TOo much. Anyway it was fun. Skid Row. Dandelion. Fuckin’ Laughing Hyenas. Painting a mural in the club during  the afternoon with Lee Ving asleep in a nearby chair. The Muffs in the stairwell. And whoever opened for all of those bands. Anyway. Every city had a people like us. Each of those bands met those folk on theire nights in those towns but we did ours in St. Louis and I think we represented well. You can feel well represented even though you weren’t there. Frogpond. Tons of night with Toadies. Local H at their earliest outside of Chicago. Hundreds of others. All of them. Good stuff. And we are still alive though we wish our memory was better. We wish we had started making prints back then. Geez what a time it would have been.

Stay tuned for further details on what and where and when and also who exactly when and where. It all makes a stew.