All of the pending orders were sent! Thanks for waiting through the Holidaze. Yer a solid bunch, well staged and lit perfectly. Very nice.


So everyone on our Mailing List who ordered recent prints (we love you) got the extended note that Holiday Shipping will not be going out with any expediency and they all were understanding. Other folks who ordered might not have gotten that note so for them, just know that Poster Orders will most likely NOT make it in time for any sort of “Christmas” events. If there is an issue we are happy to refund orders etc.

THAT BEING SAID: We have managed to ship out almost 1/4 of all of the pending orders. How about that!? Get up early, get to the Post Office while still half dreaming and manage to suffer through that college kid who shows up at the Post Office with eleven boxes to mail, none of them addressed or taped or prepared in any way. An audible groan rose up from the people in the queue and they were right to groan. That kid’s parents failed us all in not properly explaining how to go to the Post Office.

Holiday Joy.