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Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.10.29 PM TIME OUT 2016-2017

SO just to let folks know there is going to be a sort of hiatus for a bit on new prints as we attend to some other things. Work won’t stop but it might not be the kind of work that shows up here. But something is getting done. Thanks. Thanks for checking in. Take […]

avett brothers 2016

avett shipping

You love information. You might not have gotten yours yet, but ALL of the orders have all gone out. Cheer us on silently in your head. We appreciate it. xo

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.10.21 PM


ALL ORDERS have been shipped. Except yours, Doug. You have to wait. You know what you did. Not too SHABBY. 2-3 day Priority Mail USPS and everyone will be fixed up. xo


Mars Red Sky North America Tour 2016

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ALL DONE! All of the pending orders were sent! Thanks for waiting through the Holidaze. Yer a solid bunch, well staged and lit perfectly. Very nice. •————————————- So everyone on our Mailing List who ordered recent prints (we love you) got the extended note that Holiday Shipping will not be going out with any expediency […]


November Shipping etc

Hi. All of our pending orders, including all International orders have shipped! Just an FYI for the curious. We always send out a note to you when your order is shipped, and we appreciate your patience in all things. Hang in there, baby. gb.c


Tee Shirts Not Available

Hello. Our tee shirts will are offline here at the web store as they will be in a boutique here in Oregon, USA for the duration of an upcoming art show. More info to be added soonish!


foo fighting, NY 2015 (sold out)

If you are doing any Foo Fighting at Citi Field in NYC, July 15, consider taking a break from the battle and check out the merchandise area to check out our latest poster print. They will also be available for purchase, if the inclination wells within you. If you aren’t in NYC for this round […]