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Recovery Effort Sale and Service

We are always hesitant to go horn blowing. I can’t recall the last of our horns that we blew but we appreciate the HECK out of every ounce of all of the pounds of effort that Jason at Po’ Boy has put into my benefit efforts. Words can’t measure the gratitude. Good Morning, world. We […]

A.I.R. Gallery and Poster OG

Hi. How are you? That’s nice. We are fine, too. Thanks for asking. Mostly this is a post to link you another post in another site for The Goodfoot which is in turn linked to another site regarding our AIR Gallery Artist in Residence project hosted by People’s Art of Portland. HERE is the link. […]


AIR Studio, Notwist and Processes

Hi. SO in a nutshell (you’re the nut), here is The Skinny. As a part of our AIR (artist in residence) Studio Experience (see THIS), here is a new small offer and item! The first finished item to come out is our new print for The Notwist. A very small edition of two color prints […]



Weird and maybe interesting changes coming for this new year. Stay tuned for changes and news and all of the other things you might want to hear about.


Doodleville Project all did.

The Doodleville project finally came to an end and 20 boxes containing 80 Doodles went out to everyone who opted to play! Thanks, kids!