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avett brothers, band of horses and more! thank yous!

Holey underwear, this year has been a bit of an issue. To say the least. Right here and now we aren’t going to go on about anything other than to say “Thank You” to every single person who has been wishing us well. What a winter. At some point we are going to write one […]


Recovery Effort Sale and Service

We are always hesitant to go horn blowing. I can’t recall the last of our horns that we blew but we appreciate the HECK out of every ounce of all of the pounds of effort that Jason at Po’ Boy has put into my benefit efforts. Words can’t measure the gratitude. Good Morning, world. We […]

A.I.R. Gallery and Poster OG

Hi. How are you? That’s nice. We are fine, too. Thanks for asking. Mostly this is a post to link you another post in another site for The Goodfoot which is in turn linked to another site regarding our AIR Gallery Artist in Residence project hosted by People’s Art of Portland. HERE is the link. […]

prince sandobal wood

“Folks” News

You don’t care, but two years ago we had an art show and brought our first three editions of Folks, The Jazz, The Jam, and The Italians (with titles by Malleus!) out into the world and the idea was to find these fine figures homes out there in our world, on shelves and desks and […]

staplegun mayhem

‘Historical Documents”

Wow. Last episode we mentioned the sorts of things we have found lurking in the depth of studio archives and this morning’s reveal features two (really three) of those sorts of items (really four). These are the sorts of things that can appeal to not only low-brow art fans, but also to collectors of an […]