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avett brothers 2016

avett shipping

You love information. You might not have gotten yours yet, but ALL of the orders have all gone out. Cheer us on silently in your head. We appreciate it. xo


ALL DONE! All of the pending orders were sent! Thanks for waiting through the Holidaze. Yer a solid bunch, well staged and lit perfectly. Very nice. •————————————- So everyone on our Mailing List who ordered recent prints (we love you) got the extended note that Holiday Shipping will not be going out with any expediency […]


November Shipping etc

Hi. All of our pending orders, including all International orders have shipped! Just an FYI for the curious. We always send out a note to you when your order is shipped, and we appreciate your patience in all things. Hang in there, baby. gb.c


my morning jacket chicago 2015 (sold out)

THE MMJ CHICAGO 2015 PRINTS HAVE SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyones’ interest. Ok so you might have heard already but we did some new MMJ Prints in shiny shiny colors as a triptych for the Chicago Theatre shows in June 2015 for the shows dates June 9, 10, and 11. All three images go together […]



Hi. SO please let us know if you have any questions about our shipping costs and calculations as we have been trying to finesse the options available to our website mechanics and we think we have honed something that works for posters as well as some of the new items that must be sent separately […]


March 2014 Orders Ready

Hey Kids. Just an FYI that all orders pending for shipping are packed and ready and going out tomorrow (whichever tomorrow you are waiting for) and you should see yours soon. We send a note when they are shipped so you know to expect a package and not a hitman when the doorbell rings. Then […]


Doodleville Project all did.

The Doodleville project finally came to an end and 20 boxes containing 80 Doodles went out to everyone who opted to play! Thanks, kids!