New Old New Tee Shirts!

Hi! Oh my goodness it’s nice to see you. Did you paint your face green and glue packing peanuts to your hair? It looks good. Very nice. ANYway. So you wear clothes, right? Something up top when you have to and something down below when the cops are around, right? Well, we have something for […]


Hi. SO please let us know if you have any questions about our shipping costs and calculations as we have been trying to finesse the options available to our website mechanics and we think we have honed something that works for posters as well as some of the new items that must be sent separately […]

AIR Studio, Notwist and Processes

Hi. SO in a nutshell (you’re the nut), here is The Skinny. As a part of our AIR (artist in residence) Studio Experience (see THIS), here is a new small offer and item! The first finished item to come out is our new print for The Notwist. A very small edition of two color prints […]


queens of the prime age!

Hey coming up soon is the issuance of our latest offering, a poster print in four colors for the meeting of giants called Queens of the Stone Age / Primus in commemoration of their epic meeting in Kansas City on the date in question!