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Vintage Prints Discovered

Well it’s always interesting to find some old old old things that were thought all gone like for reals and such. We recently discovered a small and tight package of well preserved prints from yesteryear with the last two or three prints of a few old editions so we posted them in the SHOPP. Enjoy. […]

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.10.29 PM TIME OUT 2016-2017

SO just to let folks know there is going to be a sort of hiatus for a bit on new prints as we attend to some other things. Work won’t stop but it might not be the kind of work that shows up here. But something is getting done. Thanks. Thanks for checking in. Take […]

mmj beacon nyc 2015 HOLIDAY POSTER SHOW PDX

GUYBURWELL will have an art opening at Po Boy Art Gallery and Framing Nov 12th from 5-9pm. Po’ Boy Poster Print Art Shop presents GUYBURWELL: Artist Print Show Releases & Skin Creases. Poster Show Prints, Variants, and Original Art. Surprises? The show will be a part of Foster Avenue’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. Po’ Boy […]