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thanksgiving in spring

Holey underwear, this year has been a bit of an issue. To say the least. Right here and now we aren’t going to go on about anything other than to say “Thank You” to every single person who has been wishing us well. What a winter. At some point we are going to write one […]


Recovery Effort Sale and Service

We are always hesitant to go horn blowing. I can’t recall the last of our horns that we blew but we appreciate the HECK out of every ounce of all of the pounds of effort that Jason at Po’ Boy has put into my benefit efforts. Words can’t measure the gratitude. Good Morning, world. We […]

built to spill

Vintage Prints Discovered

Well it’s always interesting to find some old old old things that were thought all gone like for reals and such. We recently discovered a small and tight package of well preserved prints from yesteryear with the last two or three prints of a few old editions so we posted them in the SHOPP. Enjoy. […]