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mars red sky

Mars Red Sky North America Tour 2016

Thrilled to assist Mars Red Sky from France on their North America Tour 2016. If you love a heavy rock levee cracking holding back the black and cosmic gloom where doom blooms loom then get thee to one of THESE SHOW DATES. Mars Red Sky, for us, has been one of those bands who effortlessly […]

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Doodle Factory

Again with the doodles. As some stuff is make, some things decide to make themselves nearby. Here are some of those things. It’s not against the law.

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Doodle Factory.

Here is a Gallery of Doodles such as they are. This is the kind of material that seeps through the cracks in the process of making other art. They are glimpses snatched for times like now. Killing time now before the next something comes along to screw everything up. Right? Right.