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Contestico Gigantico 2016

If you are reading this and are interested: Send us your guess as to how many eyeballs are in this big jar on our laboratory table. We know it’s less than 100 and more than none (doy) but beyond that it’s anybody’s guess! •Use our contact form and just include a number as your guess/message! […]


Van Morrison Shrine Auditorium Jan 2016

Hi. IF you should find yourself attending the Van Morrison concert live at The Shrine Auditorium on January 15th or 16th in the year 2016, considering stopping by the Merchandise Area and perhaps purchase our first gig poster print of the 2016 year. Each night has its own color way so that makes two. A […]


ALL DONE! All of the pending orders were sent! Thanks for waiting through the Holidaze. Yer a solid bunch, well staged and lit perfectly. Very nice. •————————————- So everyone on our Mailing List who ordered recent prints (we love you) got the extended note that Holiday Shipping will not be going out with any expediency […]